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It’s official.  I’m becoming one of my patients who says “I never had sinus or allergy problems until I moved to Charlotte.”  Well, it’s taken about 5 yrs but I officially one of them.  I say “it’s official” now because these exact same issues have hit me at the exact same time for the past three years.  For the past 5 day’s I have had progressively worsening sinus problems.  It started with a dull sinus headache that lasted for about three days, then became sniffles and a scratchy throat for about a day, then culminated in me spending 80% of yesterday in the bed with a sore, scratchy throat, stuffy nose, more mucous than I care to think about, and a head that felt like it weighed about twice as much as the rest of my body.  (Some of that was TMI, I know.)  As of yesterday morning, I officially don’t feel good.

For a couple days I was sticking to the soup regimen, but today I felt like I needed something a little more substantial.  And what did I want?  Cornbread and a plate full of Southern vegetables.

(Sorry for the blah pic.  I was hungry and didn’t feel good so I didn’t bother with aesthetics.  I’m also aware this was not a balanced meal as most of the things on that plate are yellow and – I’m not gonna lie – covered in butter.) My grandfather had a big garden, so my family always had fresh veggies around – either right out of the garden, or garden veggies that my mother and grandmother had frozen or canned during the summer.   I know there are many other Southern veggies out there, but these are what feel like home to me.  Just looking at that plate takes me right back to my grandparents house where, when sick, my mother and grandmother would pamper me to no end.  So when I’m not feeling well but am sick of eating chicken soup, eating warm cornbread, sauteed squash, butter beans topped with corn, and green bean casserole hits the spot.

My throat is still scratchy and my sinuses are still throbbing, but my tummy sure is happy!  What about you?  What’s your comfort food?

Cheers, y’all!
Wine Girl

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    • Carmen on 9.13.2010 at 10:38 pm

    Hey girl… have you heard of using Oil of Oregano for allergy issues? A doctor just introduced it to me a few weeks ago. I hadn’t heard much about it; but after consulting the all-wise Dr. Google, it sounds like it might work wonders for situations like yours. It’s completely natural and totally worth a try!

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