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This I Know

I am for apres ski.  I’m not certain yet whether I am for skiing, but I am most definitely for apres ski!

Exactly what is apres ski, you ask?  According to Wikipedia it means “after skiing” and

“refers to going out, having drinks, dancing, and generally socializing after skiing. It is popular in the Alps, where skiers often stop at bars on their last run of the day while still wearing all their ski gear. The concept is similar to the nineteenth hole in golf.”

I mentioned that this week would be my first attempt at skiing… as in EVER!  On Day 1, I smartly went to Ski School in the morning and spent the afternoon playing in what I called the “baby pen.”  That was fine.  Day 2, however, was a different story.  I spent the morning on the bunny slope at the very bottom of the mountain at Deer Valley.  I had a blast doing that, and was gaining confidence in my ability to slow myself down and stop when I wanted rather than solely by flattened terrain.

After lunch BG, who had been “babysitting” me on the bunny slope all morning, assured me that I was ready to try something more and took me to the closest “green.”  I repeatedly asked him “So, because this is a green it is not any steeper than what I have been doing?”  To which he repeatedly replied “Right.  It will just be longer.”  Does anyone else sense the foreboding here?

I started getting nervous when the chair lift for this particular run went more than just a little higher than the one for my precious bunny slope.  And, by “more than just a little higher” I mean 1200 FEET HIGHER!!  I know it’s no double black diamond, but this is the highest elevation I’ve been to and not been on an airplane…and we all know how much I LOVE that.  May I just say that BG was woefully mistaken in his assessment of the slope of this so called easy green run?  It was considerably more steep than the bunny slope.  To make a long story short, there was great crying, wailing, and gnashing of teeth and we WALKED down from 8400 feet…except for the portions where I scooted on my butt for 10-15 yards at a stretch.

Once at the bottom, after our 45 min descent , I had just enough time to do a couple more runs down the bunny slope so that I didn’t completely wig out and give up on skiing altogether right then and there before meeting up with the rest of the family for our apres ski at the Stein Eriksen Lodge.  Little did I know that to get there, we had to ride a chair lift that went even higher than the last one.  I don’t know exactly how much higher, but it was enough…to COMPLETELY FREAK ME OUT!

Once again, great crying…wailing…gnashing of teeth…

At least this time, I was assured a shuttle ride down the mountain since BG’s mom does not ski and had to arrive at the lodge by shuttle.  We took our apres ski in Stein Eriksen’s Troll Hallen Lounge.  Once in the door I ordered a glass of Pinot Noir so fast that I don’t even remember the name of the vineyard.

Maybe I don’t remember the name of the vineyard because I was having a hard time reading the wine list through my red, swollen, and bloodshot eyes and basically rattled out something that sounded like “Pinot Noir” to the patient server.  There are no tasting notes on it because, honestly, my nerves were so frazzled at that point that I finished the glass in about three swallows.

The apres ski menu had something for each of our thirst cravings.  BG, of course, had a beer… some brand of oatmeal stout

while his dad had some sort of amber.

His mom enjoyed a virgin Bloody Mary, which was apparently very good but quite spicy,

and his sister had an adult coffee beverage.

For our snacks we split two bowls of Chef Zane’s Spicy Nuts and a big ole pot of New York White Cheddar and Stout Fondue!

Talk about cheesy goodness…

I tell ya, if the wine hadn’t started to cheer me up by then the fondue would have certainly done the trick!  I do love a good fondue!  So, if you are skiing Deer Valley in Utah, and are into good food at a ridiculously high elevation, the Troll Hallen Lounge in the Stein Eriksen Lodge is a must.

Finally, after two glasses of wine and a gigantor pot of beer-based cheese, I finally managed to smile again.

Like I said in the beginning, I do not know yet whether I am all for skiing but, THIS I know – I am most certainly for apres ski!

Cheers, y’all!

Wine Girl

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Toto, I Don’t Think We’re in Charlotte Anymore

Loathe.  Hate.  Despise.  Abhor.  These words don’t even begin to describe my thoughts on flying.  I just figure that if I was supposed to fly I would have been born with wings.  (This is unfortunate given how much I do enjoy traveling.) But, in the midst of my mid-air panic, even I couldn’t help but be entranced by the sight of this out of the airplane window…

“Majestic” is the only word that comes to mind.

We are going to be spending this week in Park City, UT with BG’s family.  I’ve lived in Southern California and visited Northern California, but I’ve never been “out West” so to speak.  The landscape here is stunning!  And, having grown up in the Southeast, I’ve never seen this much snow in my life!

Tomorrow I will make my first ever attempt at skiing…with lessons of course.  We’ll see how it goes.  I can barely walk across a room without falling in regular shoes, much less ones that are 5 feet long and purposefully intended to slide.  Wish me luck!

Cheers, y’all!

Wine Girl

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Big and Small

BG and I have some BIG travel plans this week.  You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out where but, trust me, it’s good!   Tonight, at least, I’m packing.  No good meals or beverages in this post as we’ve pretty much emptied the fridge and pantry in preparation for our travel.

I’ve mentioned to you before that I’m a Penelope and ever so slightly OCD. It should be no surprise to you, then, that when I travel I want to take along all the products I use on a daily basis.  Believe it or not, I don’t just roll out of bed looking drop-dead-gorgeous every morning.  However, it’s simply is not feasible to travel with all the tubes and bottles of toiletries and tinctures that I slather onto my skin and into my hair every day.  So, here’s a little something that makes yours truly very happy – MINIATURES!

My typical hair products…

My travel hair products…

My typical skin care products…

My travel skin care products…

My other typical toiletries…

My other travel toiletries…

Same stuff.  Smaller containers!

Did I mention that I have an addiction to skin care products and that, as part of my OCD, I need all my hair products and skin care products to be from the same line/brand so that the containers that typically sit on my bathroom counter and edge of my shower match?  While I can actually purchase smaller versions of the real thing for my hair products and other toiletries at either Ulta or Target, Bobbi Brown doesn’t actually sell miniatures.  She does, however, sell a package of “empties” which includes small/sample size bottles and jars complete with a tiny spatula and funnel for transferring products from their original containers into the smaller “empties” for traveling.

It’s the little things in life that make me happy…literally!

Cheers, y’all!

Wine Girl

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