Control Issues?

Last night was the final night of a Bible study I was doing this summer.  Our host asked if some of us could bring snacks for our final session since she was going to have a terribly busy day and no real time to get a snack organized.  Well, I totally forgot…until it was time to leave.  So I did what anyone would do in that situation.  I ran in the grocery store on my way out and grabbed the first easy thing that crossed my line of sight.  (I know, I know.  I have just committed a cardinal foodie sin.) While racing through the grocery store at warped speed I came across these little beauties in the frozen section. (Sorry for the fuzzy pic.)

I had them a someone’s house earlier this summer, so I knew they were good.  The directions on the back say “allow to thaw a room temperature for 30 minutes and serve.”  I know they are yummy.  Takes 30 min to thaw.  Takes 30 min to get to my Bible study.  SOLD!

We only ate about a third of them at Bible study because other snacks were also available, so I was able to surprise BG with leftovers of the decadent little treat once I got home.  It’s a treat because we DO NOT keep stuff like this in our house.  I had to be dramatic about the presence of such a treat, so when I arrived home I made him close his eyes and hold out his hand into which I placed a single Mini-Eclair.  I prompted him to open his eyes.  Upon recognizing the petite pastry his eyes widened and he popped it in his mouth and moaned in approving delight while he nearly swallowed it whole.  This was followed by a hurried “Where did THAT come from?”  I showed him the box, he immediately grabbed three more then looked at me very sternly and said “Take it away.” Ok… so downstairs I went and put the leftovers in the fridge.

I got home from work a little early today and after settling in went straight to the fridge to get myself a bite-sized bit of yumminess and THIS is what I found

He’s been on a conference call for the last hour and 15 min that I’ve been home so I haven’t been able to ask him about it.  I’m guessing he was having a little trouble staying away today…

Yeah, I’d say so.  The box was about half full when I put it away last night.  (In the interest of full disclosure, I did eat two myself before I got the idea to take pics and make a post out of this little episode. And in HIS defense they are delicious and addictive.)

He’s still on the conference call.  He’ll probably flip when he realizes that I posted this!  It’s all in good fun, though.  Right, babe?

Cheers, y’all!
Wine Girl

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