A New Brew at Alexander Michael’s

Nestled in the leafy, quiet streets of 4th Ward Charlotte, Alexander Michael’s has been delighting patrons for nearly three decades.
Outside Alexander Michael's
After an afternoon of clicking the new camera, we found relief from the afternoon sun in the dark wood interior. Gazing around, I took in the comfortable bar, polished by many a busy night. For more on the composition of the bar and the history of the building, check out the “About Al Mike’s” section of their website.
Inside Alexander Michael's
I had the Reuben, AM style, and I found that the bite of horseradish was well balanced by the playful apple of Woodchuck draft. Woodchuck has long been a family favorite, and it’s a refreshing drink for a hot afternoon.

New Brew Review
For my dessert, I opted for a new (to me) brew, the Lammsbrau Organic Dunkel.
Pouring the Lammsbrau Dunkel
My slow pour was rewarded with very little head. At first sniff, the dunkel offered hints of nut and coffee. Upon sipping, the Lammsbrau had a quick bite and clean finish. It had a good bit of carbonation in my mouth — it was effervescent, tickling my nose slightly as I rolled it on my tongue.

I’d say this is a good sipping beer, and I’ll give it 4 of 5 kegs.

4 of 5 Kegs

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    • Shannon on 6.25.2010 at 3:26 am

    Wine Girl, loving the blog. A Mikes was my absolute favorite place in the QC. I stopped in for lunch or dinner at least 3 times a week. Give my best to Milt and Steve next time you’re in. Take care!

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