Hellooooooo…Is anybody out there?


I seriously doubt there is anyone out there still reading this.  If you are, um…sorry about the nearly year long hiatus…we got busy…

Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  If you were a reader before, you can tell we’ve had a little site redesign.  I’m pretty excited about the new look, although there are still a few things still outstanding on the “site redesign to do list” (or since the computer-nerd-software-developing-web-designing hubs is in charge of that stuff, it could also be called the “blog honey-do list.”)

Although we have been total slackers since last May, we both really enjoy this blogging business and are re-invigorated to start it a new.  We’ve been thinking and there’s something else that is different.  The hubs still insists that we use pseudonyms for posting.  Previously we referred to ourselves as the Beer Guy and the Wine Girl, but we’ve been doing some thinking, myself in particular, and we feel that  those pseudonyms were a little misleading: 1) While we do enjoy good fermented beverages, either hops or grapes, neither of us is an expert in either beer or wine.  It’s not for lack of trying 🙂 , but there are no formal credentials there.  2) This blog isn’t meant to be just about beer or wine.  It’s about food, travel, learning to use our fancy camera, and us trying to step out of our comfort zone in little ways every day.  For a refresher on what this delicious little blog is supposed to be about go here or here.   3)  While the hubs certainly knows his stuff when it comes to beer, and I feel I know a fair amount about wine, I’ve come to learn that I actually have a more discriminating palate for beer than I do wine.  And a nice craft brew is generally my go to beverage of choice.  I felt like a phony referring to myself as a Wine Girl.

So gone are the days of BG and WG.  Since we are a married couple enjoying all these little adventures together we thought our pseudonyms should reflect that.  Henceforth, we shall refer to ourselves as  The Mr. and The Mrs.  It’s cute, no?  But is it as cute as this…

Maybe not.  But these new pseudonyms aren’t nearly as limiting as the old ones.

Whether you are a new reader or The Mr.’s mom who’s stuck with us from the start – Enjoy!  We are getting back in the saddle and hope you’ll come along for the ride!

Cheers y’all!

The Mrs. Signature

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