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So it’s New Years Day and after coffee and a good talk with a friend, I called WineGirl to see if I needed to pick up anything on the way home.

(Regular readers (Hi Mom!) will graciously overlook the posting gap for the last 7/12ths of 2011. We have our reasons — not very good ones — and we’ll fill you in on some memorable drinks and eats from last year as we go.)

WineGirl is sick and so I’m bringing home one of her favorite comfort foods — mashed potatoes! The taters are only the side dish for the chicken tenders from The Philosopher’s Stone — but I suspect that it will be the best part.

Especially because, you know, she’s sick. These are medicinal mashed potatoes!

I’m sitting at the bar, sipping a Hopsecutioner and listening to the usual scintillating mix of bar talk, Bob Marley covers from the local band, and steamy noises from the kitchen.

As you might expect, the Hopsecutioner (from Terrapin in Athens, GA) is, well, hoppy and a clear, pale amber color (though the light isn’t conducive to analysis).


Lots of bite and bitterness on the front and sides of my tongue. Not a very piny hop beer — it actually has 6 hop varieties — but definitely a punch in the taste buds.

I wouldn’t drink this all night, and it’s not the quintessential big-hoppy taste like Stone IPA — but a good beer for burning through other flavors.

I’ll give it 4 of 5 kegs.
4 of 5 Kegs

Happy New Year!
Beer Guy

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