Words Cannot Describe…

how happy this makes me:

Isn’t it GORGEOUS? It’s so sparkly, and whimsical, and elegant, and modern!! I am utterly in LOVE!!!

I saw it on Isabella and Max Rooms, a design blog I discovered last week, and instantly knew I had to have it.  I had been casually looking for a light fixture to hang over our dining table since we bought our townhouse nearly two years ago.  I saw things I liked, but nothing I found thus far was exactly right.  I couldn’t articulate why, but they just weren’t right.  As soon as I saw this piece of art I knew it would be perfect.  And it is! It is!  IT IS!!!

I tracked it down at the Horchow website and it just happened to be 25% off!  Plus, Horchow was running a free shipping special as well.  Just like my paella pan, I am quite certain this was meant to be.  This Horchow Comet Pendant Light and I were meant to be together.  Technically, I was trying to finish our bedroom before I started working on the dining area, but this deal was too good to pass up.  I ordered it.  It arrived today and the Beer Guy (who just happens to be the sweetest guy in the world) hung it for me tonight.  I just can’t stop staring at it!  Look how it sparkles!!

I feel like it’s New Year’s Eve and the Times Square Glitter Ball dropped over my dining table.  Maybe that explains my sudden urge to drink champagne out of my fancy crystal glasses.

I know this post is not about food, or wine, or beer, or travel, but my spectacular new chandelier  IS hanging over my dining table. So, that’s kind-of food related, right?  There will be many wonderful meals eaten under it’s glittering light. It makes me want to have a dinner party just to show it off!

If we have to work some food into this post, I snacked on one of these tiny treats while my fella did all the dirty work…he ate his after.

Wine Girl

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  1. That is awesome!! I love it too, that might be the coolest light fixture I’ve ever seen, now I want to come see it in person!

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