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I sent BG to do the grocery shopping this weekend.  One of the items on the list was, of course, “wine.”  I thought he’d pick up one or two bottles.  I was mistaken…

Pinots, Chardonnays, and Cabs – OH MY!  Well, this ought to keep me occupied for a while.  In the bunch there are a couple of old friends (both Cabernet Sauvignons, one of which I’ve reviewed here), a Pinot Noir (mi amor), a Cabernet Franc, and Chardonnay, and a Viognier.

After taking a couple pics I had to put them away.

I just love it when my “Dos Equis” are nearly full.  (Ha, ha.  Get it. “Dos Equis.”  As in the beer…but here my “two exes” are for wine storage.  Get it…or am I the only one that finds that funny?)  The only thing I love more…EMPTYING them!

Hmmm…where to start…where to start?

Cheers y’all,

Wine Girl

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  1. Buon Giorno~
    Heather sent me to your blog and I love that it features so much wine. My blog is all about Italian food, travel and my book “Beyond the Pasta: Recipes, Language & Life with an Italian Family” and I have to admit, that in the midst of all of that I really don’t keep track of “vino.” I know – scandalous!

    Do you mostly focus on American wines or do you venture overseas to France, Italy, and Spain?

    I’d love to be able to start a wine dialogue with you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you~

    • on 3.2.2011 at 9:52 pm

    Hi Mark!

    Thanks for stopping by. So sorry for the pitifully delayed response. I’ve been a bad blogger lately as things have been crazy over the last 3 weeks or so. I checked out your blog too. Love it. You are substantially better versed in the food and wine world than I. I started this blog for fun and to give me a sounding board as I tried to learn more about wine. While I’m certainly up for the “wine dialogue” you suggested I fear that I’ll get more out of it than you. To answer your question, I don’t focus on any particular region of wines. I’m just working on honing my tasting skills and refining my palate. So, I’m trying lots of things. I’d love suggestions, tasting tips, or food pairing recommendations if you have any you’d like to share. I promise I won’t let weeks go by without responding in the future.

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