The pics around here are about to get a lot better!

That’s because I started a photography class at The Light Factory tonight.  The Light Factory is a contemporary museum of photography and film here in the Queen City.  It host exhibits, shows indie films, and has a strong educational push – both adult education and within the local school system.  According to their website:

“The Light Factory’s mission is to promote the power of image, in Charlotte and beyond, by informing, challenging, and stimulating audiences through photography, film, and other light-based media to see their world through a different lens.”

I’m SUPER DUPER excited about my class.  Taking this class means I am really about start getting my money’s worth out of the D90…rather than using it as a glorified “point and shoot” like I have since we got it in April. There will be weekly homework assignments. (Yeah!  I love homework!  I’m such a school nerd!)   I can think of no better subjects than food and beverage…can you? At least I know they’ll stay still while I’m learning.  🙂

Never fear!  I’ll be sharing what I learn with you.  Stay tuned!

Cheers, yall!
Wine Girl

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