A is for Apple

We awoke on Saturday, refreshed after good sleep and even better company, as we were hosted by old friends (and 2 new ones) in Colchester, CT. Happily the day started with home-made muffins and not with hundreds of miles of driving.

This morning, in fact, I didn’t even have to drive. Our host hitched up the wagons and steered us to scenic South Glastonbury, to the site of Dondero Orchards — your neighborhood hot-spot for apples, pumpkins, mums, and apple fritters!

They have a “pick your own” tour as well as a quaint farmhouse-store where the scent of apple fritters and other delights waft through the window, accompanied by the cheerful yell that “hot apple fritters are ready!”. Oh … did I mention that they had the most amazing apple fritters? Here’s what the last two look like (two, because we wolfed down the others so quickly). Never have I so enjoyed fried, fruity dough.

Um … sorry about that. I still get happy thinking about the fritters. So, we walked the fruited rows, picking apples. We ate a few and put more in the sack. Then we found the raspberries. I don’t know if they were officially on the “pick your own” tour, but we made it more of a “eat the ripe ones” — which, when you think about it, is more fun.

Apples on TreeRaspberries
Shirt Full of ApplesWine Girl Eating Apple

I found the gentle walk around the orchard to be just as sweet as the fruit. The rolling hills, cool breeze, and turning trees were more than my camera could capture. Even so, I made an attempt.

Next CropOrchard View

And it must be said that while we were a few weeks early for leaf-peeping, the best leaves were conveniently over a comfy swing.

Big Tree and Swing

So, when you’re in central Connecticut and in need of apples — or a scenic walk, you should definitely check out this orchard.
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