Lobsterfest 2010

“Kitchen doesn’t travel.  You must eat it where it’s born.”  I’m taking that seriously these days.  The Beer Guy and I have been at the coast.  Guess what’s born at the coast?


And what is the Mac Daddy of all seafood?


So, when in Rome (or Hilton Head, but you get the point)… eat LOBSTER as part of a Surf ‘n Turf special at Topside at the Quarterdeck

(can you tell part of the lobster is stuffed with crab…and that’s a 4oz filet mignon on the side)

and you eat it in a better round of paella than you made the first time

and you eat it steamed served with sides of grilled corn and a three potato medley as the evening special at the Surfside Grill.

(I’m in heaven!)

Of course you will need the proper tools for cracking into and devouring said lobster…

and you’ll need to wash it down with something equally yummy…

Then, just to make sure your beach eatings don’t get too homogenized, you round out your week by eating your weight in a Shrimp Boil (that’s a Low Country Boil to all my Carolina friends) that your baby sister made.

(Check out Kath’s  recipe – from Kath Eats Real Food – for a Low Country Boil here if you want to make one yourself.

I told y’all I had a healthy appetite!


Wine Girl

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    • carrie luke on 7.7.2010 at 12:14 pm

    i hope jim never sees this post. he will then realize what he has been missing all his married life:).

  1. My mouth is watering! Please bring this as the next community group snack. 🙂

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