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“It’s all about the hashtags and the doins, and the linkeys”

Wise web words, as we start round two.

The Mrs and I are having an impromptu blog meeting over beers at The Liberty. She had to go to rehab, er, work at rehab today at the hospital — and on rehab days we alway reward her with a tasty brew afterwards, ironically enough.

This week, she’s been more proactive about broadcasting her recent posts with FaceBook and Twitter, and even something called a link party — all the while I feel old and yell at the youngsters to get off my lawn.

In the past, we had a manageable detente, with The Mrs being the creative genius and I the bit-twiddling techie who is more comfortable with databases than recipes. (Astute readers will of course note that recipes and SQL are both declarative, but I digress)

So we sit at the bar, she with a succession of luscious libations that I never dreamed would tempt her a decade ago. And I with my double IPA.

And so many questions! She has opinions about plugins and themes and post types, oh my!

Recently, The Mrs has been studiously attending The Blog Class from Jones Design Company. She’s taken to it like a duck does to whatever ducks like. I would say water, but my duckie likes beer!


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