Connecticut Road Trip

Ok, I have a confession to make.  We suck.  We were not able to get our posts done nightly while on our Connecticut trip so we thought we would just post them daily once we returned and make sure the “publish” dates corresponded to the dates of our trip.  You know, published retroactively.  Sounds like a good idea right? Well we’ve been home for two weeks and that plan has pretty much fallen apart.  I’ve been waiting on BG for a couple posts and he has been crazy busy with work since we returned.  Long story short…I’m not waiting anymore.  I’m just gonna move forward and get caught up.  He can then post his musing on our recent New England travels as he sees fit.  Today, I’ll give you a little pictorial run down of our Connecticut Road Trip.

By now you’ve read about our fun lunch in Westport,

our apple orchard and fall fun,

and where we landed in Philly, but you don’t know where we went between Point A and Point B. Here’s the gist…in pics.

We used this as our guide

(P.S.  There is so much more info in this magazine than we had time to utilize this trip.  I’m totally saving this and we will take a New England fall trip than includes Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and Maine in the future.)

We headed to Devil’s Hopyard State Park

then to East Haddam, CT

where we got great views of leaves and the Connecticut River from Gillette Castle.

We then drove through Bristol, pretty much just because BG’s family lived there before he was born.  We saw this

From there we made our way to Litchfield, CT – a perfectly quaint New England town, by the way.

We were a little thirsty while in Litchfield so we popped in here

and had a couple of these.

We then made our way through Mohawk State Park

en route to West Cornwall.

We continued down the side of the Houstatonic River

(Did you notice that my hair matches the foliage?)

towards Kent which, according to Yankee magazine, is the #1 place for New England Fall Leaf Peeping.

We were hungry when we got there.  Apparently EVERYBODY else read the same Yankee magazine article that I did because the tiny town of Kent, CT was P-A-C-K-E-D!!  The only place we could get in to eat was The Villager.

All I can say about that is – meh.  It was not quaint or delicious, nor was the food or service bad…just nothing special.

In my attempt to “go with the flow” for this trip and not plan it down to the minute, I failed to realize that taking in the best of Kent’s foliage would require a 5-7 mile hike.  I ask you – Do I look like I’m wearing appropriate hiking attire?

Those are 4″ heels.  No, I’m not hiking.

It was also nearing 4pm and we needed to get to Philly that night…5 hrs away.  So we barely skimmed the surface of Kent’s New England Fall goodness

and vowed to come back when we can stay in a B & B and really take it all in.

We hope this wet your appetite.  It certain did ours.  We will be headed back for another New England Fall Trip when we can go in October, stay longer, and cover more ground.  It probably won’t be for two years, though, as we are planning a trip back to San Francisco and the Wine Country next fall.  Don’t worry, though.  I’m saving my Yankee magazine.  So if you need any suggestions in the meantime, I’ve got the scoop!

Cheers y’all!
Wine Girl

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