The Original Idea (He Said)

Who Are We? People who like to eat, drink, and be married. And for your reading pleasure, we’ll share our thoughts on food, drink, and travel, as well as photos from along the way. We’ve moved a bit over our first decade together, and now Charlotte is home.

As for the “Kitchen Doesn’t Travel” bit — WG (WineGirl) loves her some Spain Show. She’s written up the origin of the phrase, replete with paella, in her introduction.

With a nom de plume of BeerGuy, you’ll be expecting me to be something of a beer connoisseur. While I may not be an expert, it’s not for a lack of trying. I was drinking beer before my first coffee. My first sip of the barley beverage was as a youngster, as my brother and I fought over who would deliver a cold one to the old man. He who retrieves also opens, and in my case, sneaks a tipple. I recall the taste of Pabst Blue Ribbon to be both foreign and a little bitter, not unlike a child’s view of becoming a man.

As middle school gave way to high school, I’d sneak more than a sip, and when the nest was emptying (I was the baby), I somehow got in the habit of drinking my own beer with Dad. He didn’t complain, so neither did I, and it certainly goes better with Greek pizza than Coke. At that time, we were quaffing Olympia, or “Oly” as my elder uncle called it. Uncle is an accomplished beerman in his own right, though tending towards the lower-priced lagers.

College came and went, lubricated by Miller Lite and paced with futile attempts at chasing girls. At that age, differences in beer were between Bud and Miller, though I had the decency to avoid Natural Light (where were you when I needed you, Beer Advocate?).

After college, a drinking tour of Europe with big brother (does that make him Br’er Beer?), and my tastes widened with the horizon. More travel and tasting, and now I look for micro-brews on draft. I’ll always try something new or local. Happily, WineGirl no longer impugns the malted medicine by comparing it to “horse piss”, and she’ll try anything as long as it’s not too hoppy.

I don’t know when it first happened, that I started pairing beer and food in the fashion that many do with wine. I tapped into this deeper knowledge of draft, when I recognized the traits of a good breakfast beer.

So What’s This All About? WineGirl and I like to try new foods and drink, and she’s helping re-focus my interest in travel and landscape photography to a subject that’s tasty. Besides, why should you drink a skunky beer if you can be forewarned here first?

Join us as we sample from near and far …


Beer Guy

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