It’s The Little Things

The Beer Guy’s birthday was this weekend. It was a milestone birthday. I always try to make a big deal out of his birthday, but since it was a milestone I had wanted to make this one EXTRA special. We talked about a road trip through the Outer Banks to see all the lighthouses, but with a recent beach trip, having friends in town, and a busy work schedule we never got around to actually planning the trip before his birthday.  So that was out for the official birthday weekend, but WILL be happening soon.

Not only did we not go on a birthday trip, but I also did not have a big gift idea lined up. The BG is not one for frequently listing things that he wants…unlike myself. 🙂 What he DID want was for me to rent a bike (since he has one and I don’t) and spend all day Saturday biking around Charlotte with him, stopping occasionally to sample a few new brews. So, we did that and it was a heck of a lot of fun…but we were EXHAUSTED at the end of the day.

But his ACTUAL birthday was Friday. Not wanting his true birthday to be a dud, I tried to think about something special I could feed him. I thought long and hard about what meal he would enjoy the most…

Filet mignon? Nope.
Foie gras? Huh-uh.
Duck a l’Orange? Negative.
Baked Alaska? Nothin’ doin’.

Try Sloppy Joes with frozen Tater Tots and a store-bought Key Lime Pie.

All childhood favorites of his and he was GIDDY! Hey, it ain’t fancy, but it meant something to him and that’s what counts.

So here’s to the little things!

Wine Girl

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