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Palmetto Lager

We’re hot and sweaty at the Quarterdeck in Harbortown, Hilton Head. WineGirl and I have been riding bikes around the resort for the last 3 hours.
HarborTown, Hilton Head

We rolled up to the cafe, racked the cycles, and the first bottle was gone before I had a chance to review.
So, round 2!

The lager is pale in the bottle (no glass for pouring). No distinct flavor … Not smooth, not bitter, and a little nutty, says the WineGirl. A little bite at the end, says I.

I’ll give it 3 kegs.
3 of 5 Kegs

Beer Guy

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Rock Bottom Brewery, Charlotte

“I shall have yours next …” she says, after tasting my Maibock.

It’s the seasonal offering from Rock Bottom that she’s eying now. Her first round was the Randolph’s Ride Red Ale (American Amber Ale). A safe choice, but her curiosity was piqued.
Maibock in the glass
This beer is most appropriate for WineGirl on her birthday. Maibock (or literally “May bock”) is pronounced like “My Bock”, as in “I’ll have one of those Maibocks for myself!” A quick Sunday lunch has spilled into a lush afternoon of sipping and watching the crowds.

Bockbier is traditionally high gravity, and while it may have sustained medieval monks during their fasting, our behavior is anything but abstemious.

I smell hints of fresh bread in the glass. In the mouth, I get notes of crispness on top and a smooth, rolling undertone.
My Bock
On cross-examination, WG says it’s a little like cola. Hrmph.

The Maibock — 4 of 5 kegs
4 of 5 Kegs

Beer Guy

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Ed’s Tavern, Elizabeth

“Warm and I want to lay in it …”

That’s the mac’n’cheese, of course. WineGirl has a weakness for starches, so I’m not surprised. If she ever leaves me, it will be for a pot of mashed potatoes.

It’s just hot enough to be sticky. Late afternoon, early evening — perfect for cold beer!
We’re trying a new location for long-time bar, Ed’s Tavern in Elizabeth. We can see the competition from our porch table. It’s Sunday night at Philosophers Stone, with a band, crowds, and the requisite cornhole set. Ballsy move by Ed’s to locate across the street from a long-established bar.

I’m pleased to find the OMB Copper on the menu. 1 pint down, the next glistening seductively.
OMB = Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. We were introduced to OMB by friends during last year’s Mecktoberfest. Good set of beers from OMB, even if they’re not very “olde”.

Service is friendly and knowledgeable, though stretched a bit too thin tonight. I want to try one of their specialties. Our server recommended wings, which I can’t handle (weak stomach, but that’s for another blog). Then the burger, which WG is finishing. 3rd times the charm, and I opt for the suggested Philly Cheese Steak. I’m having a hard time describing it. The sandwich is good, with all the requisite flavors … Then it hits me — it’s not greasy enough, at least compared to the cheese steaks that I’ve had closer to Philly.

The ambience is comfortable. Conversations overheard indicate that this is a place where friends get together. Old neighborhood bar feel, but with the tag still on it.

New Brew Review
Good beer selection. It’s unusual to see more domestics that I want to try, vs imports. I picked Tommyknocker’s Maple Nut Brown Ale for my dessert. WG laughed as she read the label — always a good sign.

The ale has a thick pour. Looks like cola in the frosted glass. Hints of maple on the nose. Flavor of maple lolls on the tongue before slipping down the hatch. Not thick, but full.

Good dessert beer, or likely a kick-ass pairing with pancakes, and I’ll give it 4 of 5 kegs.
4 of 5 Kegs

Beer Guy

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A New Brew at Alexander Michael’s

Nestled in the leafy, quiet streets of 4th Ward Charlotte, Alexander Michael’s has been delighting patrons for nearly three decades.
Outside Alexander Michael's
After an afternoon of clicking the new camera, we found relief from the afternoon sun in the dark wood interior. Gazing around, I took in the comfortable bar, polished by many a busy night. For more on the composition of the bar and the history of the building, check out the “About Al Mike’s” section of their website.
Inside Alexander Michael's
I had the Reuben, AM style, and I found that the bite of horseradish was well balanced by the playful apple of Woodchuck draft. Woodchuck has long been a family favorite, and it’s a refreshing drink for a hot afternoon.

New Brew Review
For my dessert, I opted for a new (to me) brew, the Lammsbrau Organic Dunkel.
Pouring the Lammsbrau Dunkel
My slow pour was rewarded with very little head. At first sniff, the dunkel offered hints of nut and coffee. Upon sipping, the Lammsbrau had a quick bite and clean finish. It had a good bit of carbonation in my mouth — it was effervescent, tickling my nose slightly as I rolled it on my tongue.

I’d say this is a good sipping beer, and I’ll give it 4 of 5 kegs.

4 of 5 Kegs

Beer Guy

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