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Mr. & Mrs. Beer Snob

BG and I couldn’t decide who could best tell you guys about our time at the Wasatch Brew Pub in Park City, so we are BOTH going to tell you about it.  This will be the inaugural post for a (hopefully) regular segment called, appropriately, “He Said/She Said” in which we give you both his perspective and mine on a particular event, place, food or beverage.  It’s not that complicated an idea so, we trust no further explanation is needed. :)

After wandering around Main Street Park City for a few hours we grew thirsty.  Since BG is never one to pass up a local brew we, of course, wandered right on into the Wasatch Brew Pub to do a little tasting and quench our thirsts.

We were excited.  After all, we had tasted the Wasatch Devatstator at No Name Saloon and really enjoyed it.  At first glance, there was lots Wasatch goodness to try.

She Said: I’m sorry to say, that’s pretty much where the excitement ended and the disappointment began.  Disappointment #1 - The brewery didn’t sell a flight or sampler.  What brewery doesn’t sell a sampler… You know, so you can sample everything, then order more of the ones you really like.  Hmm, I think I just answered my own question…

Disappointment #2 - The beer on the draft pulls didn’t match all the beer listed on the tasting menu.

We’re foodies.  We like tasting notes.

Round 1: Him – Wasatch Hoptoberfest, Her – Nitro Cream Ale

He Said: Meh … Not hoppy. I’m sure there’s more to say, but when one advertises one’s brew as a “Hoptoberfest” … well, one best be bringing the hops.

She Said: I wanted the Nitro Bobsled Brown Ale listed on the tasting menu.  Not available.  So, I got the Nitro Cream Ale.

Blah!  Not much going on there except a lot o’foamy head.   Loved the Devastator from earlier today, so I’m optimistic about my next round.

Round 2: Him – Wasatch White Label (bottled), Her – Apricot Hefeweizen

He Said: A Belgian ale. (She Interrupts: ‘Cause my man loves him a Belgian!) It’s cloudy, with a pale straw color. There’s honey and spice on the nose with good flavor and a nutmeg finish, but the carbonation is overpowering.

I’ll give it 3 of 5 kegs.

She Said: BG had me take this pic to prove that “no fruit was injured in the drinking of my beer.”

He Said: What?!? Drink it like the brewer made it! Beer for me, hold the fruit.

She Said: Um…but we’re actually at the brewery and that’s how they served it… Whatevs! On to my apricot hef… Wonder if the Brew Master intended for there to be a lot of apricot in there? :)

Well, that’s apricotty…and flat. Smells like shampoo, though!  (He Interrupts: “Let me taste that.”)

He Said: Once again, a cloudy straw color. Strong apricot smell. Strong apricot taste…strong apricot everything. Everything, but not enough carbonation. I’ll give it 3 out of 5 kegs, but I won’t drink two at a sitting.

She Said: Smells like shampoo, kinda tastes like it too.

Round 3: Snack Time – Macaroni and Aged White Cheddar Cheese

We got a little peckish admist all our tasting.  So we decided to split some Mac and Cheese.  After seeing this on the menu, how could be pass it up?

As good as it looked on the menu, it looked even better when it arrived.

He said: nothing. He was too busy shovelling the hot delicious goodness into his beer hole.

She said: Oooohh…dig that cheesy goodness!  If there’s macaroni in there, it’s filler.  That’s the best thing we’ve had since we got here.  Maybe they’ve missed their calling.  Maybe they should change focus from a brewery to a mac-n-cheesery!

Round 4: Him – Jalapeno Cream Ale, Her – Winterfest Seasonal

He said: And now, gentle reader, it’s time to explain the title for this post. WineGirl and I were sitting at the bar, next to a pair of other couples. The fairer of the couple to our left cried out as she tasted her Jalapeno Cream Ale. She said it was like a spicy Bud Light, and recommended it to WineGirl. “Hmm,” sniffed WG dismissively, “I’m kind of a beer snob.” I suspect that WineGirl would have been more pleased with the Bud Light.

Upon visual inspection, this hot little beer was clear and golden with a 1/4″ head.

Jalapeño scent on the nose and with the first tast of foam. Whoa! Tastes of jalapeño. And the aftertaste … you guessed it – jalapeño! This would be a kick ass beer for Tex-Mex food, but on the whole feels a bit like a gimmick beer.

I look into the future, and decide that this is my first brew that actually requires Prilosec!

She said: I’m not a jalapeño fan, but he’s ranting and raving enough that I have to at least try a sip…

Man, who thought THAT was a good idea?  Bad!! Very, very bad!! Why would you ever drink anything that tastes remotely like jalapeño?  And I totally disagree.  It would NOT be a “kick ass beer for Tex Mex food.”   The Rogue Chipotle Ale was perfect for that.  That was a nice amber ale with a slight smokey, chipotle finish.  This was like somebody put a jalapeño in a juicer and added some carbonated water.  There’s been so little flavor in pretty much everything else we’ve tasted today.  Why did they decide to blow their wad on the jalapeño? So very, very, VERY bad…

I need to go brush my teeth and eat a Tums.  Oh, but I guess I should tell you about the Winterfest Seasonal.

Frankly, I can’t tell you what it tastes like because my tastebuds were sacrificed in the tasting of the Jalapeño Cream Ale.  Looks pretty in the glass, although it’s a little light and yellow for my taste.  I’m more of an amber kind of girl.  Here’s what the marketing fliers had to say about it:

Greatest beer on Earth?  That’s over egging the pudding a bit, don’t you think?

Wasatch Overall

He said: The beer here smells good but it lacks the advertised taste. Not bad, but it gets you excited and then leaves you a bit disappointed.

In like kind, every time a truly epic song would come on the radio in the bar, the staff would change it to some less daring channel, in one instance changing from Enter Sandman to a forgettable tune by Steely Dan. (A note to the reader, BeerGuy prefers the older Metallica catalog, but the black album is good, too)

Silver lining — very good service from Susan, and the macaroni and cheese was so good that they should name the place “Wasatch Mac’n’Cheese”

She said: Generally nice and friendly atmosphere in a great location.  I’ve got to agree with BG, though.  The beer generally smells really good (except for the Jalapeno Cream Ale – yuck!), but doesn’t really follow through with the same flavor.  They should narrow their focus and stick with what works – The Devastator and Mac-n-Cheese.

Even if I didn’t love the beer, this was certainly much more fun than my near-death experience on the slopes!

Cheers, y’all!

Wine Girl

Beer Guy

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Now, Where Were We?

Oh yeah, right! Park City!! That’s it.

I realized that it has been just under a MONTH since our last post. Disgraceful! I know. But we got back in town and there have been weddings, speaking engagements for work, conferences for work, obsessive house cleaning/reorganization, and 2010 tax preparation and before you know it – POOF! A whole month has gone by. I haven’t even had a chance to finish editing and organizing my Park City pics. Shameful!

But, things are now calm and my house, work schedule, and finances are clean and organized. So, I’m back in the saddle. There’s still lots of good Park City fun to share. So, rather than pretending that I’m posting in real-time and back dating posts, I’m just going to pick up where I left off.

When we last “spoke” our brave, wine guzzling heroine (that would be – ME!)

had just risked life and limb in the name of good fun and trying new things, only to be comforted by a nice Pinot Noir and some rockin’ cheese fondue at a higher elevation than one should ever have to go for a snack. During our mile-high snack, I announced that, since I had such a daunting and treacherous day, I would be taking a ski break to explore Park City proper. Beer Guy was welcomed to join me if he’d like, but the following day I would be hanging out closer to sea level – with or without him. I mean, it’s vacation. I should have at least one day when I’m not required to get up at 6am. Can I get an “Amen” on that one?

The next morning we leisurely ate our breakfast while watching BG’s dad and sister bundle up and do the ski boot mosey back out to the slopes. We got around to catching a resort shuttle onto Main Street in Park City about 10:30. Upon recommendation from our shuttle driver, we popped into Park City’s No Name Saloon for a quick lunch around 11a.  What a treasure!  There was so much stuff hanging on the walls and from the ceiling that my eyes didn’t know where to land…but in a good way!

As they said in the Old West, we “bellied up” to the bar and quickly hit it off with our friendly bartender, Nicole.

We sipped on a couple of these,

but decided we preferred the bottled Wasatch Devastator.

(**SPOILER ALERT** We found out later that The Devastator is the only offering from Wasatch that we do enjoy.  But, you’ll have to tune in later to hear all about that…that is if BG will get off his duff and write a post!)

BG munched on No Name’s infamous Buffalo Burger.

Since it was hmmm… NINE DEGREES outside, I enjoyed the daily soup special.

It warmed me right up!  After settling up, we hit Main Street again, to see what we could see.  Some places we didn’t even bother gracing the doors…

(BG has reflux).  Others, we graced, we bought, we shipped back home!

You see all those aluminum tins?

They’re filled with either olive oil or balsamic vinegar…so many different “varietals” of each.  We sipped and tasted to our hearts content and decided to ship a bottle of the Blackberry Ginger Balsamic Vinegar back home.  Since I’m writing this in retrospect, I don’t mind telling you that I made this scrumptious Goat Cheese Bruschetta using the Blackberry Ginger Balsamic Vinegar, rather than plain.  One word…


But back to Park City…We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering up and down Main Street which included general Park City cuteness and scenery,

playing in the snow,

an awesome pet boutique

where we were greeted by THIS guy,

Wasatch Brew Pub,

(Don’t let the smile fool you.  It’s not about the beer.) and Mountain Body Spa and Cosmetic Deli.  May I just say, OOOH-LA-LA!

But this place deserves a post all to itself…especially since I went back to Mountain Body two days later for much more cosmetic deli goodness!

Suffice it to say, if you are like me and are more for the apres ski or “in lieu of ski” then there is plenty of fun to be had on Main Street in Park City!

Cheers, y’all!

Wine Girl

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This I Know

I am for apres ski.  I’m not certain yet whether I am for skiing, but I am most definitely for apres ski!

Exactly what is apres ski, you ask?  According to Wikipedia it means “after skiing” and

“refers to going out, having drinks, dancing, and generally socializing after skiing. It is popular in the Alps, where skiers often stop at bars on their last run of the day while still wearing all their ski gear. The concept is similar to the nineteenth hole in golf.”

I mentioned that this week would be my first attempt at skiing… as in EVER!  On Day 1, I smartly went to Ski School in the morning and spent the afternoon playing in what I called the “baby pen.”  That was fine.  Day 2, however, was a different story.  I spent the morning on the bunny slope at the very bottom of the mountain at Deer Valley.  I had a blast doing that, and was gaining confidence in my ability to slow myself down and stop when I wanted rather than solely by flattened terrain.

After lunch BG, who had been “babysitting” me on the bunny slope all morning, assured me that I was ready to try something more and took me to the closest “green.”  I repeatedly asked him “So, because this is a green it is not any steeper than what I have been doing?”  To which he repeatedly replied “Right.  It will just be longer.”  Does anyone else sense the foreboding here?

I started getting nervous when the chair lift for this particular run went more than just a little higher than the one for my precious bunny slope.  And, by “more than just a little higher” I mean 1200 FEET HIGHER!!  I know it’s no double black diamond, but this is the highest elevation I’ve been to and not been on an airplane…and we all know how much I LOVE that.  May I just say that BG was woefully mistaken in his assessment of the slope of this so called easy green run?  It was considerably more steep than the bunny slope.  To make a long story short, there was great crying, wailing, and gnashing of teeth and we WALKED down from 8400 feet…except for the portions where I scooted on my butt for 10-15 yards at a stretch.

Once at the bottom, after our 45 min descent , I had just enough time to do a couple more runs down the bunny slope so that I didn’t completely wig out and give up on skiing altogether right then and there before meeting up with the rest of the family for our apres ski at the Stein Eriksen Lodge.  Little did I know that to get there, we had to ride a chair lift that went even higher than the last one.  I don’t know exactly how much higher, but it was enough…to COMPLETELY FREAK ME OUT!

Once again, great crying…wailing…gnashing of teeth…

At least this time, I was assured a shuttle ride down the mountain since BG’s mom does not ski and had to arrive at the lodge by shuttle.  We took our apres ski in Stein Eriksen’s Troll Hallen Lounge.  Once in the door I ordered a glass of Pinot Noir so fast that I don’t even remember the name of the vineyard.

Maybe I don’t remember the name of the vineyard because I was having a hard time reading the wine list through my red, swollen, and bloodshot eyes and basically rattled out something that sounded like “Pinot Noir” to the patient server.  There are no tasting notes on it because, honestly, my nerves were so frazzled at that point that I finished the glass in about three swallows.

The apres ski menu had something for each of our thirst cravings.  BG, of course, had a beer… some brand of oatmeal stout

while his dad had some sort of amber.

His mom enjoyed a virgin Bloody Mary, which was apparently very good but quite spicy,

and his sister had an adult coffee beverage.

For our snacks we split two bowls of Chef Zane’s Spicy Nuts and a big ole pot of New York White Cheddar and Stout Fondue!

Talk about cheesy goodness…

I tell ya, if the wine hadn’t started to cheer me up by then the fondue would have certainly done the trick!  I do love a good fondue!  So, if you are skiing Deer Valley in Utah, and are into good food at a ridiculously high elevation, the Troll Hallen Lounge in the Stein Eriksen Lodge is a must.

Finally, after two glasses of wine and a gigantor pot of beer-based cheese, I finally managed to smile again.

Like I said in the beginning, I do not know yet whether I am all for skiing but, THIS I know – I am most certainly for apres ski!

Cheers, y’all!

Wine Girl

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Toto, I Don’t Think We’re in Charlotte Anymore

Loathe.  Hate.  Despise.  Abhor.  These words don’t even begin to describe my thoughts on flying.  I just figure that if I was supposed to fly I would have been born with wings.  (This is unfortunate given how much I do enjoy traveling.) But, in the midst of my mid-air panic, even I couldn’t help but be entranced by the sight of this out of the airplane window…

“Majestic” is the only word that comes to mind.

We are going to be spending this week in Park City, UT with BG’s family.  I’ve lived in Southern California and visited Northern California, but I’ve never been “out West” so to speak.  The landscape here is stunning!  And, having grown up in the Southeast, I’ve never seen this much snow in my life!

Tomorrow I will make my first ever attempt at skiing…with lessons of course.  We’ll see how it goes.  I can barely walk across a room without falling in regular shoes, much less ones that are 5 feet long and purposefully intended to slide.  Wish me luck!

Cheers, y’all!

Wine Girl

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Big and Small

BG and I have some BIG travel plans this week.  You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out where but, trust me, it’s good!   Tonight, at least, I’m packing.  No good meals or beverages in this post as we’ve pretty much emptied the fridge and pantry in preparation for our travel.

I’ve mentioned to you before that I’m a Penelope and ever so slightly OCD. It should be no surprise to you, then, that when I travel I want to take along all the products I use on a daily basis.  Believe it or not, I don’t just roll out of bed looking drop-dead-gorgeous every morning.  However, it’s simply is not feasible to travel with all the tubes and bottles of toiletries and tinctures that I slather onto my skin and into my hair every day.  So, here’s a little something that makes yours truly very happy – MINIATURES!

My typical hair products…

My travel hair products…

My typical skin care products…

My travel skin care products…

My other typical toiletries…

My other travel toiletries…

Same stuff.  Smaller containers!

Did I mention that I have an addiction to skin care products and that, as part of my OCD, I need all my hair products and skin care products to be from the same line/brand so that the containers that typically sit on my bathroom counter and edge of my shower match?  While I can actually purchase smaller versions of the real thing for my hair products and other toiletries at either Ulta or Target, Bobbi Brown doesn’t actually sell miniatures.  She does, however, sell a package of “empties” which includes small/sample size bottles and jars complete with a tiny spatula and funnel for transferring products from their original containers into the smaller “empties” for traveling.

It’s the little things in life that make me happy…literally!

Cheers, y’all!

Wine Girl

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So, as WineGirl mentioned, we were in Atlanta last weekend, where she did a Very Good Thing. Of course, her exertions left her famished, so thanks to OpenTable, we found a delightful restaurant — literally right around the corner.

And when I tell you that the name of the place is TAP, the following should come as no surprise. The beer menu was longer than the food menu. Draft beer, bottled beer, and Reserve Beer (Oh My!)

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We’re Still Here!

Well, it’s been 2 weeks since our last post.  No we didn’t fall off the face of the Earth.  I just had to get through a very big event and the Beer Guy, sweetheart that he is, was there helping me every step of the way.  Well…maybe not EVERY step of the way, but in his defense, I did walk 60 miles last weekend!

“Why?” you may ask.  I participated in my first Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure Walk in Atlanta.  It was an exhausting, but exhilarating event that I will most certainly do again.  During the walk these were my accommodations

I mean, if a girl’s gotta camp, it really SHOULD be in a pink tent, right?

I survived my first EVER camping experience and I have to admit, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  However, I did have a place to take a hot shower and brush my teeth, didn’t have meals that came out of a can or had been previously freeze-dried, and my pink tent was not pitched in the woods.  So…I maintain than I will not be going on any camping trips anytime soon as I understand that these amenities are not typical of camping trips.

You see, I’m what the BG likes to call a “Fancy Nancy.”  (We have nieces who love those books.)  “Who is Fancy Nancy,” you ask?  Well, according to Wikipedia

Fancy Nancy is a wild, young girl with a larger than life personality, who adores all things fancy. She always dresses extravagantly, wearing boas, tutus, ruby slippers, fairy wings, and fuzzy slippers. Nancy loves using big fancy words such as “iridescent”, “ecstatic”, and “extraordinary” and anything in French”

Ok…there may be some similarities.  Knowing that with the 3-Day Walk I would spend 3 straight days walking, two nights camping, using port-a-potties, and showering in a mobile shower unit, long before the walk ever started I made arrangements for our post-walk evening in Atlanta.  I decided that after all that hard work I deserved something fancy!  And I did…I REALLY DID!

Enter The W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta.

It is an ultra-modern boutique hotel owned by the Starwood Hotel group which also owns Westin.  I don’t know what the W stands for.  Maybe the hotel is just too cool for a whole word for a name. Whatever it stands for I LOVED it!  This was our room

Superb, no? Oh, and THIS was the view from the fourth wall of our room which was a floor to ceiling window!

We were on the 15th floor.  Downstairs there was a VERY sleek and modern indoor/outdoor bar. Sadly, I was tired enough that shots of this fabulous bar escaped my camera.  The BG did manage to get a couple shots of me while we were there.

It is a testament to just how tired I was that I didn’t care at all how out of place I looked dressed like that amongst all the hip and trendy bar patrons.  While there we split an appetizer of sliders

and I had a Black Raspberry Martini.

I needed a pink drink to commemorate the weekend’s festivities.  We later had dinner at a cool restaurant around the corner called  Tap.  BG’s going to be telling you all about that one soon.  Our dinner there was delicious, but I was so tired I could barely hold my eyes open long enough to finish it. Needless so say, I slept HARD in that sleek and modern bed I showed you.

The next morning, I had a 75 min massage and a mani/pedi lined up at The W’s Bliss Spa located on its bottom level.  Once again I was too tired and zombie like to bother getting any pics.  But I tell you what, those spa treatments were just what the doctor ordered!

The bottom line is, that The W Hotel was a gorgeous luxury hotel with great service situated in what appeared to be a funky and eclectic neighborhood in Atlanta. My only regret is being too tired to really explore either.  The BG and I have agreed, we will most certainly be returning to The W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta at our first opportunity!

Cheers, y’all!
Wine Girl

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Connecticut Road Trip

Ok, I have a confession to make.  We suck.  We were not able to get our posts done nightly while on our Connecticut trip so we thought we would just post them daily once we returned and make sure the “publish” dates corresponded to the dates of our trip.  You know, published retroactively.  Sounds like a good idea right? Well we’ve been home for two weeks and that plan has pretty much fallen apart.  I’ve been waiting on BG for a couple posts and he has been crazy busy with work since we returned.  Long story short…I’m not waiting anymore.  I’m just gonna move forward and get caught up.  He can then post his musing on our recent New England travels as he sees fit.  Today, I’ll give you a little pictorial run down of our Connecticut Road Trip.

By now you’ve read about our fun lunch in Westport,

our apple orchard and fall fun,

and where we landed in Philly, but you don’t know where we went between Point A and Point B. Here’s the gist…in pics.

We used this as our guide

(P.S.  There is so much more info in this magazine than we had time to utilize this trip.  I’m totally saving this and we will take a New England fall trip than includes Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and Maine in the future.)

We headed to Devil’s Hopyard State Park

then to East Haddam, CT

where we got great views of leaves and the Connecticut River from Gillette Castle.

We then drove through Bristol, pretty much just because BG’s family lived there before he was born.  We saw this

From there we made our way to Litchfield, CT – a perfectly quaint New England town, by the way.

We were a little thirsty while in Litchfield so we popped in here

and had a couple of these.

We then made our way through Mohawk State Park

en route to West Cornwall.

We continued down the side of the Houstatonic River

(Did you notice that my hair matches the foliage?)

towards Kent which, according to Yankee magazine, is the #1 place for New England Fall Leaf Peeping.

We were hungry when we got there.  Apparently EVERYBODY else read the same Yankee magazine article that I did because the tiny town of Kent, CT was P-A-C-K-E-D!!  The only place we could get in to eat was The Villager.

All I can say about that is – meh.  It was not quaint or delicious, nor was the food or service bad…just nothing special.

In my attempt to “go with the flow” for this trip and not plan it down to the minute, I failed to realize that taking in the best of Kent’s foliage would require a 5-7 mile hike.  I ask you – Do I look like I’m wearing appropriate hiking attire?

Those are 4″ heels.  No, I’m not hiking.

It was also nearing 4pm and we needed to get to Philly that night…5 hrs away.  So we barely skimmed the surface of Kent’s New England Fall goodness

and vowed to come back when we can stay in a B & B and really take it all in.

We hope this wet your appetite.  It certain did ours.  We will be headed back for another New England Fall Trip when we can go in October, stay longer, and cover more ground.  It probably won’t be for two years, though, as we are planning a trip back to San Francisco and the Wine Country next fall.  Don’t worry, though.  I’m saving my Yankee magazine.  So if you need any suggestions in the meantime, I’ve got the scoop!

Cheers y’all!
Wine Girl

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Beer Heaven

It has been a fun, but LONG day! We left our friends in Colchester around 8am this morning. Since then we have driven ALL OVER CONNECTICUT…literally!  We’ll recap that in a later post.

After many hours of driving, peeping, eating, taking LOTS o’pics and having a generally good time we eventually landed in the City of Brotherly Love – Philadelphia, PA. Tired, but hungry we took the conceirge’s advice and walked a few blocks down Chestnut Street to grab some sustenance at Triumph, a local microbrewery.

It had a cool vibe and I liked the decor. The brew list was artfully displayed on the wall…

but failed to impress in the glass. We split a sampler

then each decided to have a full pull of the Double Witbier.

Apparently we visited Triumph on some sort of local musician open mic night. Being a singer myself, I typically would have found this to be cool but tonight it was just annoying…especially since the musicians were the only other people patronizing the brewery besides us. Triumph’s saving grace for us were these yummy stuffed mushrooms and mushroom ravioli.

One was an appy, the other an entree. We split them both.

Finished with our munchies and unimpressive brews we decided to head back to the hotel because as BG declared “Life’s too short to drink foamy beer.”

Across the street was a watering hole by the name of Eulogy.

It caught BG’s attention while en route to Triumph because of it’s name. Not wanting to end the day on a bad beer, he requested that we just cross the street “see what they have on draft.” Little did we know…we were about to hit the MOTHER LOAD.

You see that?  THAT is Eulogy‘s BEER MENU.  This is a place that specializes in Belgian Abbey Ales – which just happen to be BG’s favorite beers!  Eulogy had 300 Belgian Abbey Brews available.  He quite literally thought he had died an gone to BEER HEAVEN!

He wasn’t that far off

We were greeted with this sign right inside the door

Now THAT’S a motto we can get behind!  We instantly knew we were in the right place.  Looking around, his eyes gleaming like a kid in a candy store, BG proclaimed -“I want to live here!”

Look at him.  He’s GIDDY!

And no, he’s not double fisting. That’s him bringing each of us a draft back from the bar.  Eulogy also had a unique draft list display playing off the whole monks/abbey motif.

I don’t remember which ones BG sampled, but I had the LaChouffe and the Abbey of Christ Monks Ale. While both were delicious, my favorite was the LaChouffe.

There were so many GREAT beers and we had so little time.  We only got to sample four but as BG said, that was 4 down and 296 to go!  So I think it goes without saying that the next time we are in Philly, we are DEFINITELY heading back to Eulogy!

Cheers, y’all!
Wine Girl

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F is for Fall, Food, Friends, & Fun

Beer Guy told you about our orchard fun yesterday.  I have to say that while it may not have FELT like Fall while we were there, it certainly LOOKED like Fall.

We  were greeted by this fabulous tree

under which were apples galore (all from the orchard)

and plenty o’mums.

Outside the quaint farmhouse store were loads of gourds…

acorn squash…

and butternut squash.

But INSIDE the quaint farmhouse store….Y-U-M!  BG told you about the fritters, but he failed to mention the apple cider doughnuts…

caramel apples…

all kinds of jellies and jams.

And what is good Fall fun without loads and loads of pumpkins?

Later that evening, after our tummies had settled from all the farmhouse goodies our friends took us to a Colchester, CT Saturday night hotspot…

Harry’s Place!

There we munched on these FAN-TAB-U-LOUS bacon cheeseburgers and accompanying bacon cheese fries…Nobody said this was a health food vacation.

Afterwards we headed over to the annual Colchester, CT 57-Fest where we enjoyed music, ice cream, and fun with these guys.

And, of course, the evening ended with a BANG!

And THAT, dear readers, is why “F is for Fall, Food, Friends, & Fun!”  I’m off to pray for cooler temperatures and a plan for (hopefully) lots of leaf peeping tomorrow.

Cheers, y’all!
Wine Girl

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