how to entertain the in-laws

The Mr’s parents were in town last weekend.  While we love our fair city, we are frequently at loss as to how to entertain people when they come visit.  As evidenced by our food and beer blog, for entertainment we pretty much eat out and support our local beer scene.  While that sounds like lots of fun to us, we aren’t ever sure if visitors will enjoy it as much as we do.  Luckily, The Mr’s parents were game.

Should your in-laws come to town in the near future, consider showing them a good time this way…

First, take them to Food Truck Friday in Southend on Friday night.

The Herban Legend

SCQ Truck

Then take them to Good Bottle Co and really show them what they are missing back home despite the recent improvements in Mississippi’s beer laws.


Make them Challah French Toast for brunch on Saturday morning.


Once that has had time to digest, take them to 10 Park Lanes for a little healthy competition.


After working up a thirst at the bowling lanes, take them out to NoDa for some home grown brews.


For Saturday night dinner, you make them some Korean Short Ribs and baked sweet potatoes with Grilled Asparagus & Portobellos with Shallot Soy Dressing…


and you wash it down with Wicked Weed’s Infidel Porter that the hubs brought home from a recent trip to Asheville.


Sunday afternoon, you introduce your mother-in-law to this…


(after having taken her to actual church that morning) only shortly before realizing that you forgot to buy the Bomba rice from Sur La Table before it closed and therefore can’t make the paella you had planned for Sunday dinner.  Instead you order pizza from The Pizza Peel


and show them how YOUR James Bond kicks THEIR James Bond’s butt.


And I think it goes without saying that on Monday, after they’ve left and Sur La Table has opened again, you buy the Bomba rice that you should have bought two days ago, make the enormous pan of Chicken and Sausage Paella anyway, and eat it yourself…


al fresco, of course.  It makes for fantastic leftovers for the next couple of days.





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  1. Lilly Sue

    This sounds like a great time! Food and drink is mostly how I like to vacation so I think you have it right! :) That Paella looks awesome!

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